The View From Massachusetts

A reader writes:

In the for what it's worth file: on my errands today, I counted signs basically Rte 6A from Barnstable village center to Yarmouth Port (Peterson's) and some side streets...approx 8 or 9 miles. Brown: 30; Coakley 5. Three families (each a g/l couple) that had Coakley signs up before our Dec. blizzard have not had them up ... since. Phone calls at my house-sitting house (independent voters) Brown: at least 10, Coakley: 1.

Another writes:

I was in a hospital on Friday night, on a patient floor after visiting a family member.  Ran into a friend.  Four lifelong Democrats, talking outside the rooms of their loved ones in a hospital, and not a one of us was voting for Coakley. 

We all want health care to pass.  We all want Obama to succeed.  We all want Coakley to go away.  That's a problem for Coakley.  This vote is not about health care and Obama, it's about the Senate and Coakley.  If I voted in election after election and voted the Dem ticket except for Coakley (which I left blank), you might imagine I sure as hell would not start voting for her for Senator of all things.  

At least the lightweight, brain-dead Brown will only hold that seat for 2 years.  Coakley will share her mediocrity with us for the next 20 years if she gets in.  Want my vote?  Dems should make a deal - Coakley until 2012, then they'll put up a credible candidate.