The Scene In Massachusetts

Michael Moynihan is buoyed by the rage:

Everywhere I turn there are r-dropping Bostonians complaining about government, insisting that Americans need to “take their country back.” One woman, who seemed overly familiar with all of my childhood neighborsthe Flynns, the McBreenscompares herself to a passenger on Flight 93 who wants to yell “let’s roll” and regain control of our hijacked country. Or perhaps she was suggesting that President Obama is a Muslim. It was, like many of the arguments I heard, not completely clear.

This the voice of the FNC/RNC. It is screaming that taxes are too high, that we need to torture more prisoners, and retain every single item of entitlement spending, especially Medicare, and defense. They are anti-war but pro-war. They want lower taxes and more entitlement spending and higher wages and cheaper healthcare. And FNC/RNC will keep feeding them this diet of hollow outrage until any chance of actual reform is dead.

Cheerful, aren't I?