The Right's HuffPost?

David Weigel reports on the Daily Caller, which is scheduled to launch this week and is led by Tucker Carlson:

“If there’s a story whose facts are verifiable, and it generates interest, and it comes from Satan himself, I will take it and I will pay him a reporting fee,” Carlson said. “But if we take a piece from Satan, that does not mean we’re on board with Satan’s agenda. It just means that the provenance of the piece, the origins of the piece, is not the most important thing. People don’t give you stuff because they love journalists. They give you that stuff because they’re pushing an agenda.”

Scott H. Payne:

I find myself torn between the fact that he was slated to hire the inimitable Helen Rittlemeyer as a reporter and that the venture’s partner is a former Cheney aide.