The FNC-RNC Merger

Frum watched Palin's debut:

The longer she appears on TV, the less she will be “from Alaska” and the more she will be “from Fox.” She’s subsuming her brand into somebody else’s. Not for the first time, one wonders as one looks at the Fox-GOP relationship: who’s working for whom here?

In my view, we're seeing the fusion of a political party with a media company. It's like a state-run TV that only runs pro-GOP stories. Think of the TV in Iran and you'll get the fuller picture.

And by sealing off Fox viewers from any other news source, and feeding propaganda 24 hours a day, and having a monopoly of the base, FNC is more powerful than the RNC in determining Republican politics.

Already they have fused with the Tea Party movement, essentially creating and shaping and hyping it. Now they are fusing with the head of that movement, Sarah Palin. Since their idea of government is entirely abstract - they're against it except they're also for Medicare, more war, torture, and no tax hikes, i.e. bankruptcy sooner rather than later - they don't even have to run anything or hold any serious public office. If what makes a good politician is an "instinctual skill-set" then Joe The Plumber or something like that is the Republican pol of the future.