The Deaths At "Camp No"

As usual, the foreign press cover the new and powerful evidence that the Bush administration was using torture methods so severe they killed prisoners in Gitmo as late as 2006 - and then covered it up with claims of a triple-simultaneous-suicide. Here's the Guardian. And the Telegraph. And the Independent. Here's the Irish Times. And the Canadian Press. But the US papers?

Nary a mention. Fox News? You have to be kidding. NYT? A buried AP feed. The right-wing blogosphere that is fanning the flames for a torture state? Crickets ... In fact, National Review is in full swing with articles by the torture-celebrating Marc Thiessen and a video interview with the war criminal, John Yoo, citing George Washington, perhaps one of the most ferocious opponents of torture in American history, to defend his crimes. The premise of both Thiessen and Yoo is that what was authorized was not torture, and that Gitmo is the best of the best facilities for the worst of the worst prisoners. But the possible deaths-by-torture in Gitmo - which explode their lies and spin - do not rate even a mention.

If you want to know how America became a torturing country, look up Dick Cheney in Wikipedia. Then go look at a great deal (but not all) of the MSM.