The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we watched Dem dominance waver and saw hopeful signs that Obama will demand accountability for the undie-bomber. Yglesias talked sense on profiling and Michael Yon got a taste of TSA firsthand.

The Leveretts continued to downplay the protest movement in Iran - a critique that was picked apart by Scott Lucas, Dan Drezner, and a Dish reader. The newly-unleashed Chait went after Manzi's National Affairs piece, forcing Manzi to backtrack a bit. Andrew tackled marriage equality in Britain but later amended his argument. He also got fed up with the Palestinians and Israelis, triggering reader responses here and here.

Greenwald and Sullivan continued to pound on Politico, Frum pummeled Rubin over Palin, Mary Kate Cary wondered about the silence from the bloggy right on Iranian protestors and the Dish blegged for writings from conservatives condemning the Uganda bill. Also, we spotlighted a particularly scary Christianist and highlighted the missing hikers in Iran.

Rooting around the internet, the Dish watched a slut spillage, looked at Limbaugh's silver lining, and aired an enema. We featured views from Yemen and Jew Town, India. The latest Recession View update here.

-- C.B.