The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we covered the case against Prop 8: Rick Jacobs live-blogged, Margaret Talbot took a longer look, Michael Petrelis pointed out the weak arguments, Nate Silver noted the positive effects of marriage equality, and a reader praised gay parents.

In other news, New Jersey came to its senses on cannabis, Ulster's sex scandal spiraled, and another prominent killing cropped up in Iran. McCain continued his downward descent, John Yoo was close behind, and the Clintons appeared alone. Palin fortified her foxhole as readers assessed her religiosity. In media buzz, newspapers started to flee to the firewall while the Atlantic ascended (with Chait well on his way).

In assorted commentary, Goldblog grappled the Leveretts, Friedersdorf went another round with Insta, Clay Shirky and Julian Sanchez talked internets, and the Dish confronted the meth menace. Readers discussed steroids here and here. Another recession update here. Today's dissent here. And we added "The Case Of The Haunted Scrotum" to the annals of best Dish headlines.

Lastly, there was an impostor in the ranks.

-- C.B.