The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we focused on why Martha Coakley is doing so horribly in Massachusetts, particularly against an opponent as troubling as Scott Brown - supporter of torture and incoherent on economic policy (much like most of the GOP). E.D. Kain and Frum offered a counterbalance on Brown. Reader input here and here. Sam Stein explained why healthcare could be doomed if he wins. Andrew raged against the Dem machine.

The Dish collected more coverage of the Prop 8 trial and aired an email extolling the virtues of marriage. Emily Bazelon briefed us on the George Tiller case. Fallows and Megan updated us on Haiti. And we found remarkable figures showing Obama's bigger spending cuts than Bush.

In our ongoing meth discussion, a user from Illinois shared his experiences, a reader near Wasilla profiled the place, and a former soldier in the War on Drugs filled us in on the last administration. Also, could Andrew be the Manchurian blogger?

-- C.B.