The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we continued to mop up commentary over the Coakley clusterfuck. Chait reported the remaining options for healthcare, Fallows showed how Congress is held captive by an electoral minority, and Andrew rallied the troops against Rove (with some help from YouTube). Larison, Manzi, Benjamin Zycher, and Jonathan Bernstein put in their two cents. Wendy Kaminer called out Massachusetts Dems for their identity politics and Alvin Felzenberg took the critique to an absurd level.

James Surowieki assessed Obama's electoral expecations, a reader gave up on him, and another got fired up. Frum picked apart the president's proposed bank tax and Amanpour pwned Thiessen. Felix Salmon slammed the NYT paywall while Ezra wondered what's in it for the blogs.

We featured a fantastic clip of survival from Haiti. Prop 8 update here, here, and here. White supremacy took to the court, Scott Brown's wife was discovered in a bikini, and John Mayer enjoys himself - a lot.

-- C.B.