The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we rounded up reaction to Obama's spending freeze. Andrew's take here. (He also offered his early take on the SOTU address.) DiA chastised the NYT for its coverage of the announcement.

Noam Scheiber, Paul Begala, Kos, and Andy Stern kept the "pass the damn bill" beat going. Frum pointed the finger at Dems while the Dish singled out these three. Larison and Andrew ventured into the dynamics between jihadism and Israel. Max Fisher surveyed the reaction to Yoo's PR push while Andrew kept the coals burning on the Gitmo deaths. And we learned that Pope JP2 liked to beat himself.

In other coverage, Mark Thompson countered Frum over funding political parties, Jonathan Bernstein explained how politics has changed, and Rebecca Traister sat through Palin's appearance on Oprah. The latest on the Prop 8 trial here and here. Recession update here. Neil Gaiman mourned his cat while the keyboard kind struck again. And this one pwned a bear.

-- C.B.