South Africa's Lead

A reader writes:

You wrote:

"It's just that in Africa, there is no real gay rights movement, no constitutional protections for a tiny, already persecuted minority, and thereby we have a revelation of what the eliminationist rhetoric around evil homosexual plots would aim for in America if it could."

Almost correct.

With the exception of the Coalition for African Lesbians, I don't believe there is a single pan-African organisation which fights for the rights of LGBT individuals.  However, when you say there are no constitutional protections, there is one very notable country which provides rights of far greater depth than most European countries and certainly those in the US at a federal level. Back in 1996 South Africa became the first country in the world to provide constitutional protections for gay people, and while gay marriage didn't become legal until 2006, same-sex relationships were legally recognised in 1996 and the prohibition on same-sex adoption lifted in 2002.  Furthermore, gay people are allowed to serve openly in the South African military.  That should serve as an embarrassment to both the Obama administration and the GOP.