Smearing Ann Dunham

Remember when Fox News called Michelle Obama a "baby mama"? It appears Scott Brown implied the same regarding Barack's mother:

Chait reacts with disgust:

By showing Brown endorsing a fringe right-wing pet theory (explanation here), it's more evidence of the fact that Brown is anything but the good government, uniter-not-a-divider moderate he pretends to be. That's the fundamental lie of his campaign that Coakley has been seeking (unsuccessfully, thus far) to expose. And on a visceral level, to watch him chortling as he calls Obama illegitimate is just gross and offensive. To me it exposes the man far more deeply than Coakley not knowing who Curt Schilling is.

A longer clip of the segment reveals the context of the remarks to be the unplanned pregnancy of Bristol Palin. Perhaps Brown actually meant, "Well I don't know how relevant Obama's mother's marital status is to the point at hand," but it sure looked unseemly. Watch it and make up your own mind.