Poseur Alert

"And there he reclines on his swivel chair in his antiseptic office. Flanked by two dogs, the hirsute critic types a few mindless words as the computer slides onto the rippling folds of excess flesh that spill over his lower abdomen. “Not glib enough, not misogynistic enough,” he mutters to himself. He slowly lifts his lame wrist and languorously depresses the delete key....

Animals are allowed into the discursive space of Andrew Sullivan, but women, particularly bright, bespectacled women, are debarred entry. Women, after all, threaten the androcentric field onto which he and other men predicate their phantasms and identities. So there she stands, gazing in from without, a pane of glass separating her from the system of signs only Sullivan and his imaginary phallus can manage. She remains outside of language; she remains outside of the grid of the intelligible; she remains spectral; she remains invisible. Besides, he cannot descry her in that warped space he animates into existence with his myopic regard," - Larry Johnson's blog.

My favorite comment:

Philly Joe is right that gay-bashing should not even be hinted at, though. I retract the term “pansy.”