Now Just Sit Down And Read This, Okay?


A sane reader writes:

Glad the two-by-four e-mails were sent along. Sorry, would have sent one myself earlier, was beset by mammalian potty accidents and taking care of small children during MLK Day.

You know, the other thing that must be said about Obama, and forgive me if it has been said already, is that he, well, he gets up every day and makes the donuts. That in itself is a tremendous thing. He gets up every day and manages to live a family life and work while everyone is hurling fire, brimstone, and bs around him. And threatening his life.

And no, I don't agree with everything that has gone on, but nor do I agree completely with Krugman today.

Obama has been working under unimaginably difficult circumstances. He inspires me because he has been getting up every day and doing what he is supposed to do, run the country.

I think the financial sector's control of so much of the economy is a scandal, and I share your despair about Gitmo and our government torture program.  But the message of the past year is to be informed, to carry on, and to offer something constructive, however incremental.  It's also to speak truth or at least good sense to the the crazies and the every level of life.  In that Obama can certainly not be faulted.  I mean, the presidency has its perks, but think of the crushing reality of that every day.  And yet there he is, and so is his family.  And here we are.

If Coakley loses, well, another way will present itself, and without more lives being lost I hope.

I get very frustrated, too, and my response is to volunteer and to try to do more.

Hang in there, go and sing loud and off-key in the shower or the garage (ours has great acoustics), it works for me.

(Photo: Tim Sloan/Getty.)