Much Ado About KSM

Ackerman shrugs off news that his trial could be moved out of NYC:

Some conservatives are taking heart that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had second thoughts about trying 9/11 architect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Manhattan. But Bloomberg doesn’t want what they want, which is for KSM not to be tried in civilian court. If the trial occurs in some other federal venue, that wouldn’t bother most liberals and would bother many conservatives.

Adam Serwer adds:

As someone who has lived in the city, I'm actually fairly sympathetic to the idea that New Yorkers shouldn't be forced to cope with the exigent costs of the trial. The other day, Charles Komanoff at Streetsblog gave an idea of how much of a disruption the trial would actually be.

A fair trial for KSM and the other alleged 9/11 conspirators is not optional. The symbolism of trying them close to Ground Zero is -- and the administration should have more carefully assessed the potential costs of the trial to the city before it made the ultimate decision to try them there. That said, it may not just have been a matter of symbolism, the Southern District is where a number of cases have been tried.

Allahpundit calms down the right:

Read the fine print. There’s no hint that KSM’s being sent back to a military tribunal, only that he may end up being tried in a civilian court not located in New York. Which isn’t entirely smart, by the way: As I said from the very beginning, if there’s any city with the security apparatus in place to deal with threats from jihadbots, it’s my hometown. But if even Bloomberg, who just started his third and last term as mayor and has no electoral incentive to oppose the trial, is now also against it, maybe I need to rethink my assumptions.