Malkin vs Transparency

I love this:

I generally support more sunshine in all government proceedings. But the judge’s unusual method of securing video coverage is extremely troubling. This isn’t a sincere educational effort to provide transparency to the public. It’s a flagrant attempt at making Prop. 8 a show trial and intimidating Prop. 8 backers who will be called to testify.

Huh? How is something a show-trial because it is televised?

The trial, in fact, would be an excellent occasion for the anti-gay right to demonstrate the cogency of its arguments with respect to the second class status of gay couples under the law. And this lawsuit, remember, was brought in part by old-school conservative Republican Ted Olson. The truth is: in a legal proceeding, you have to rely on evidence, not scary television ads about gays coming to get your kids. On that level, on the level of rational argument, the anti-gay right is afraid.

Well: they're not stupid. Transparency kills them. Bring it on!