Live-Tweets From The Prop 8 Trial: Day Five

Tweets from inside the court house are relaying Michael Lamb's testimony on parenting and child development (FDL and Courage Campaign are live-blogging). The best tweet of the morning:

AmerEqualRights Prop. 8 proponents' cross-examination so far has brought up Carrie Prejean, "Will & Grace," and studies from 1954 #Prop8

More after the jump with newer tweets at the top:

TheAdvocateMag #prop8 lawyer making case that in general men are like homer Simpson--generally less intelligent, more prone to addiction, more troubled.

NCLRights Thompson is apparently arguing that men are dumber than women. Interesting tactic... #prop8

FedcourtJunkie Thompson trying to show that having both a man and woman is better for kids, women live longer, etc.

NCLRights Lamb agrees that there do exist some differences between men & women on avg. in our society. #prop8

Chris_Stoll Thompson trying to use discrediting of Freud and early 20th century anti-gay science as evidence science can be wrong. #prop8

NCLRights Thompson seems to be questioning value of entire scientific & peer-review process. Thinks all are tainted by politics. #prop8

NCLRights Thompson suggests funding for studies comes from interest groups. Lamb: No, usually from government. #prop8

ellemenohpe Def atty trying to disprove Lamb's testimony by demostrating that he is a liberal. God forbid he supports NOW and ACLU! #prop8

ellemenohpe Lamb: "Children who are adopted are just as likely to be well adjusted as those who are being raised by their biological parents" #prop8

FedcourtJunkie Lamb: marriage is good for children, allows them to accrue some of the benefits like social recognition #prop8

NCLRights McGill: "Any way prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying would benefit kids?" Lamb: "No." #prop8

ellemenohpe Lamb: kids' ability to establish appropriate relationships with peers is the same whether their parents are straight or gay. #prop8

Chris_Stoll Lamb: Research shows that kids raised by LGBT parents no more likely to be sexually abused. #prop8

Chris_Stoll Lamb: No evidence kids raised by LGBTs no more likely to become gay. #prop8

NCLRights Lamb: Refutes claim that "12% of kids of lesbians become lesbians"--very study cited showed NO difference in outcomes. #prop8

Chris_Stoll Lamb: Numerous studies using a variety of samples and methods conclude kids raised by LGBT parents are just as likely to be well adjusted.

TheAdvocateMag #prop8 children do not need masculine or feminine parent to thrive. They just need good parents. This is the overwelming consensus of field

ellemenohpe Dr. Michael Lamb has just taken the stand. A child psychologist from Cambridge, looks like he'll speak re: kids of GLBT parents. #prop8

Chris_Stoll Lamb primary area of study is factors influencing child development and adjustment. #prop8