Have Gay Men Conquered The Crystal Menace? Ctd

A reader writes:

As a therapist working in a drug and alcohol treatment program at an HIV/AIDS clinic, I can assure you this menace is anything but conquered.  We continue to see a steady stream of newly diagnosed HIV patients, for whom at least 75% state meth as their primary drug of choice.  From their late teens to those well into their 60s, homeless or professional, on the d.l. or out and proud – tina is an equal opportunity scourge.  I caution you to not assume the apparent successes in combating this menace in the gay meccas that you cite represent the truth for the rest of the country.  There is yet much work to do.

I do not doubt it. But the numbers seem way down from the recent past. Another reader writes:

I hate to say this, but the gay community is far from the first, or most dramatic, meth turnaround gone unnoticed. In 2005, Montana ranked number 5 in meth use, with 50% of its incarceration due to meth. Three years later, after an innovative ad campaign and the Montana Meth Project, Montana is now 39th in the nation when it comes to meth use, and rates of usage is down 63% in teens and 72% in adults. Yet, this has gone unnoticed by all with the exception of those in the state. The right, the left, the media, all could care less about a red state confronting its drug problem head on and nipping it in the bud. Its not just the gay community, its all communities, and it just isn't a story that people feel the need to report. Congratulations, but consider the gays Christopher Columbus to Montana's Leif Ericson.