Countering The Goldblog

Hillary Mann Leverett goes another round:

[F]or Mr. Goldberg to say that [Ryan Crocker's] account of the 2001-2003 period is at odds with mine is, simply and clearly, false.  And, I would note that Ryan is not the only former senior U.S. diplomat in service at the time who has publicly noted the extent of Iranian cooperation with the United States in Afghanistan during 2001-2003, going well beyond the immediate overthrow of the Taliban:  James Dobbins, the State Department’s special envoy for Afghanistan, has done so repeatedly, and both Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and Secretary of State Colin Powell spoke about it publicly.  Surely these are relevant facts that any responsible journalist would take account of.

I suspect these facts won’t matter to Mr. Goldberg, because, in his post, he goes on to write that “in any case, the conditions that pertained at the time no longer exist”.  Mr. Goldberg asserts, again with no documentation, that some of the Iranian officials who negotiated with us “have been purged from the system and face imprisonment”.  This is incorrect.  There were three Iranian officials who conducted the negotiations with Ryan and me from 2001 until May 2003.  They are career diplomats who have served across several different Iranian presidential administrations; they all continue to serve now in senior positions in the Iranian Foreign Ministry.