Bristol Palin's New Company, Ctd

A reader from Juneau writes:

Too much is being made of Bristol Palin's business license. Alaska law requires a person to have a business license to accept money for regular provision of a service. The person buying the business license has to state what "line of business" he or she will be engaging in, and can only perform that line of work and only under the exact title of the business that appears on the license. Further, an NAICS code must be selected that more narrowly defines the work for which the applicant will be paid. There isn't always a perfectly named NAISC code for what you're doing. If Bristol is going to be paid as a spokesperson for an organization, and working from Alaska, she needs to have a business license. The public relations NAICS is probably the closest fit - it doesn't necessarily mean that she'll be going out and soliciting more clients or building a company. The LLC is probably an exercise in caution so she can't be personally sued. The Alaska NAICS codes are found here - 15 pages of them.