Best Fratty iPad Comment Yet

"So, it finally got around to that time of the month for the product's launch, and it turns out that the iPad can't handle periodicals. I guess the folks who had hoped it could cope with their 24-hour news cycle are especially disappointed," - a commenter at Gawker.

My own take is underwhelmed.

If newspapers and magazines were hoping for a miracle, it seems to me they were let down. Jobs barely mentioned them. As an e-Book reader, the iPad lacks the smaller size of the Kindle, and it just doesn't look to me as if it's something you can easily hold in your hands and read. Maybe I'll change my mind when I actually get to use one. It's very hard to tell from a distance.

Then there's the real problem: AT&T. I've found the reliability of my iPhone beyond frustrating. One out of three calls gets dropped even in a well-served metropolitan area. And if I really want to browse the web, I've learned that the iPhone is by far the least efficient way of doing so. Everything takes an age to load even on 3G; it feels like dial-up AOL much of the time. It's fine for quick catch-ups on email and some of the apps are way cool. But this does indeed look like a big iTouch.

I want one, of course. But I'm pretty sure I don't need one.