And Theissen loses it:

THIESSEN: There have been so many misstatements told about the enhanced interrogation techniques, comparing them to the Spanish Inquisition, to the Khmer Rouge. And I have to tell you, Christiane, you’re one of the people who have spread these mistruths.

AMANPOUR: Excuse me?

THIESSEN: I’m sorry. You went to S-21, the Khmer Rouge prison [...]

AMANPOUR: Yes, and we saw the waterboarding there that they used as a torture technique. That’s called spreading the truth! [...]

THIESSEN: We did not submerge people in a box full of water. [...]

AMANPOUR: That is called waterboarding, you can say in whichever way you want! [...] You’re trying to obfuscate the debate here. [...]

THIESSEN: It’s nothing like what the CIA used.

Must-see segment starts at the 5:30 mark, after the jump:

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