Check out this full-throated defense - "Uganda Is Right; Rick Warren Is Wrong" - of executing homosexuals under the civil law - which uses Martin Luther King Jr as support for a law that would round up, spy on, jail and execute members of a minority. The speaker argues that because gay people ahve a choice to leave the country if they want to avoid being rounded up and killed or imprisoned, this is not equivalent to those leftist regimes (of course Nazi Germany is leftist for much of today's Republican right) that have persecuted minorities in the past.

I have to say this honesty is refreshing. It's a full-throated follow-through of Christianist doctrine. The Bible, after all, mandates the execution of homosexuals. The GOP believes that the Bible is the most important basis for social policy. What else, after all, can compete with the divine word? Others on the evangelical right have actually denounced the Uganda bill as un-Christian. So let me take this chance to praise unreservedly John Mark Reynolds' brilliant evisceration of the proposed law in First Things from both a Christian and secular perspective.

But that led me to search for other statements in the conservative press in the US. Guess what?

I've googled National Review and come up empty (maybe my search engines aren't good enough). Ditto The Weekly Standard and The American Conservative and Commentary. If readers find any clear denunciations of this fascist attack on a minority in the right-wing media, let me know, and I will publish them. And then ask yourselves: if a bill of this sort were prepared against, say, evangelicals in a Muslim country or Jews in a Christian one, do you think there would be such a non-response?

What the Jews were to the right in the 1920s, the gays are in the 2010s. Unpleasant, dispensable, and if possible, wiped out.