"Yes it sucks. Yes you have to vote Coakley." Ctd

A reader writes:

I can believe that, in running for the seat, she seems like nothing more than a tone-deaf machine hack. It’s certainly been a flaw of MA politics for a long, long time. However, for just about my entire childhood, Martha Coakley was a superb District Attorney. I can assure you, she had an inordinate amount of talent in that position, and as Attorney General. A “hack with very little talent,” she is not.

Another adds:

Why is “Stating that al Qaeda is no longer in Afghanistan” a blunder?

It is largely true.  No transnational plots by AQ have been run out of Afghanistan since before 9/11.  Yeah, there may be a handful of AQ affiliates running around Afghanistan – particularly in Haqqani Network areas – but they are not playing a major role.  Indeed, in recent months, with Mullah Omar guilty of what Zawahiri has condemned as the sin of nationalism, there is a lot of AQ/Taliban tension irrespective of the recent cooperation in setting up the CIA operatives.

Another reader defends Brown:

Regarding fiscal policy, repeatedly and as recently as Monday's debate Scott has mentioned holding the line on spending.  This is certainly easier said than done, but I think that his record on Beacon hill bears this out.  More importantly in Monday's debate Scott supported the Conrad-Gregg bill to create a bipartisan fiscal task force to address the nation’s long-term budget crisis, which includes entitlements.  You can watch for yourself here at around the 24:40 mark.

Another adds:

The campaigning has really taken a different turn the past 2 days. Brown has been on talk shows, radio shows (which is free of course) and appears to really be succeeding at coming over a a regular guy running for office. His reply to "aren't you just a Bush clone?" is 'I am Scott Brown, from Wrentham, Mass. and I drive a truck and it's got 200,000 miles on it.". When asked what he is doing at the weekend, he just says 'I am going to watch my kids play basketball' rather than making the plug that his daughter plays for Boston College. The now famous words of 'it's not Tedd Kennedy's seat, it belongs to the people of Massachusetts" is also going down well.

I voted for Obama. I am an Independent. I will likely vote for him, but I am shocked to see the amount of people voting, working for and supporting Scott Brown.