"The Most Effective Ambassador-Warrior For His Faith," Ctd

TNC pipes up:

The right strategy isn't to restrict the other side's room to speak, it should be to expand our own. Don't like Tim Tebow's ad? Salute his right to speak his mind. Bring out all the usual homilies about how great it is to live in a country where we're free to respectfully debate heart-wrenching issues. And then after you've done that, cut your own ad and make your case. What's the use of having all these effete Hollywood liberals if can't cut a better ad than James Dobson?

But when they do cut an ad tackling anti-gay stereotypes, CBS turns it down! A reader adds:

I point you to this post - it appears that Pam Tebow didn't have a choice because in the Philippines, where she was living, abortion is illegal. The only reason she may have had a "choice" (to do something illegal in terminating her pregnancy) is because she was white, (relatively) rich and privileged over there - which is what tends to happen when you criminalize abortions - rich women still have a "choice" and poor women don't.  So that's why the ad is wrong - because it's deceitful.