Zen And The Art Of Politics, Ctd

A disgruntled Obamaite writes in response to this post:

... and so the next morning the monkey trainer arrived with one half cup in the morning, saying: "Sorry, but the gorillas were threatening to stop lending nuts to the orangutans, so I gave the gorillas most of your nuts to placate them.  Oh, and there won't be any nuts this evening, because nut gathering takes time and you have to be patient. One more thing; I know I said that your babies wouldn't have to work gathering the nuts for me over in the scary part of the forest, but it turns out I'm going to have to send a bunch more baby monkeys over there, but it's just for a short time, unless I change my mind." 

Then the trainer arranged the monkeys in their cages, boy, girl, boy girl, because any other arrangement might upset the orangutans.

This is called selling one course, but delivering another.