Zahra Assaulted?


The Persian website Kalameh reports that Zahra Rahnavard, Mousavi's wife, was stalked by a group of Basiji women and sprayed with pepper spray. Persian2English translates:

According to an eye witness, when Zahra Rahnavard asked them why she was being followed, the women claimed they intended to protect her. Zahra Rahnavard then replied, “You have been following me all day anywhere I went including my office.” According to the eyewitness, Rahnavard said, “I’m telling you that I am Green from head to toe and you are only here to prevent my presence.”

This conversation ultimately lead to a verbal discussion and Rahnavard was insulted by the leader of the women Basij who questioned Rahnavard on what her ideas were before and after the revolution.  Rahnavard then replied, “Are you interrogators or body guards as you claim?” The lady replied, “You are scared of us.”

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(Photo: ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images, Hat tip: Enduring America)