YouTubing The Protests

Tehran Bureau is rounding up videos from today. The website translates the above as: "Dictator, Dictator, this is your last warning! The Green Movement is ready to rise!" Enduring America's extensive collection is here and here. Scott Lucas notes something interesting:

[D]emonstrators in clips in our videos have been waving Iranian flags stripped of the Islamic “coat of arms” in the centre.

The Green Movement is radicalizing. It's beocming less Islamic, less a movement to restore the Islamic revolution and more one to destroy it. Whether this will hurt or help them I don't know. But Trita Parsi is edging toward a more confrontational stance on human rights as well:

The green movement -- which represents a force for moderation in the country -- is turning increasingly skeptical about US intentions.

While opinions differ within the movement as to the wisdom of US-Iran diplomacy at this time, the neglect of human rights fuels pre-existing suspicions about the objectives of American diplomacy. That is, the fear that the US is solely interested in reaching a nuclear deal and may be willing to sacrifice the Iranian people's aspirations in the process.

Looking at Iran solely from a nuclear prism proved disastrous for the Bush administration. The Obama administration will fare no better. It needs to swiftly reinvigorate its human rights approach to Iran and begin giving significant prominence to this issue.