Yglesias Award Nominee

"We noted yesterday the controversy over the Obama administration's reaction to Scotland's proposed release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohment al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds, i.e., the claim that he was about to die. Foreign newspapers quoted a letter from a U.S. Embassy official in London, Richard LeBaron, which said that the U.S. would prefer that Megrahi not be released, but that if he were to be let go, the Obama administration thought it was "far preferable" to free Megrahi than have him transferred to a Libyan jail. On its face, this preference seemed odd; many wondered whether the notoriously pliable Obama administration had used Megrahi's alleged illness as another opportunity for "outreach." But, as I noted last night, the full text of LeBaron's letter had not been made public, so it was difficult to judge. Today the State Department did release the full text of LeBaron's letter. In my opinion, it answers the questions we asked yesterday and reflects credit on the State Department and the Obama administration," - John Hinderaker, Powerline.

Debbie Schussel gets an honorable mention too:

Michelle Fraudkin, Matt Drudge, and virtually every other right-of-center source picked up and ran the complete lie.  Now that it’s been shown to be a total fraud, per their usual fakery, no apology, no correction, no nothin’.

Debbie needs to recall that today's American "conservatism" is never wrong, almost never apologizes and rarely corrects. They learned this from Bush and Cheney.