Why This Is Like 1979

A reader writes:

While I appreciate your reader's insights, I completely disagree with his analysis.

This is not an unplanned, mindless resistance to dictatorship. This is an organized, grass-root uprising, with leaders and centers of command. Just considering the networks of information and organization, like the design, production and dissemination of fliers and notices, shows that this is not a random movement. I have heard this statement so many times, not just since the June election, but long before and these are primarily the words of those interested in re-establishing the pre-1979 leadership structure, i.e. monarchists, mojahedeen, toodeh, chapi, etc.

They are those who simply do not know or understand the context of the current movement; or those who favor reform, i.e. keeping the basic establishment, including the supreme leader, over a revolution, meaning a complete change of the governing system to a democracy.

Trust me, there are many leaders in Iran, despite the regime's best efforts to annihilate them; they either keep a low profile or the outside world knows very little about them until something happens to them.