Why They Love Her, Ctd

A glimpse from Iowa:

“She tells you what she believes,” Anderson said. “You don’t have to guess. It’s better to listen to her than the media.” Alice Revell, from rock-ribbed Sioux County to the north of here, sported a pin that read: “I Don’t Want To Have To Say Happy Holidays.”

“Her values are my values,” said Revell. “She’s pro-life. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She’s a hunter, my husband is an avid hunter.” A pair of women from Omaha wearing shirts that identified them with the “Minuteman Patriots” said Palin represented what they called real American women. “Not the elitists you see on television,” explained Pat Carro. Asked who she had in mind, Carro cited “the ones you see on “The View.’ ” Another Omahan, Ray Hansen, braved the afternoon cold to pose for a picture in front of Palin’s book-tour bus, festooned with her image and an Alaska backdrop, after having his book signed.

“She’s a real American, that’s why,” Hansen said, when asked why he liked Palin.

There are two guests on the Joy Behar show today on CNN/HLN. They are Levi Johnston and yours truly.