What Really Irritates Todd Palin

It turns out that the list of banned bloggers from Palin book events was crafted by none other than Todd Palin, whose role in the various lies, cover-ups and mysteries of La Palin is almost certainly under-estimated. Mudflats looks at the list of unmentionable bloggers and tries to see a pattern:

Dennis Zaki – videographer and filmmaker. His videos of Palin have gone viral on the web, and his trip (funded by progressive blogs) to Emmonak last year brought national attention. But what do I really think it is? He reported on the rumor (that still exists) that the Palins’ marriage is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Gryphen of the blog The Immoral Minority – A frequent commenter on the more personal side of the Palins, and a burr under their saddle, he too reported on the dreaded “splitsville” rumor. A kindergarten teacher, Gryphen was threatened with legal action at his place of work by the Palin clan.

Shannyn Moore – A regular on Keith Olbermann, she and Dennis have both transitioned to the moving picture part of the media. Her report of a rumor existing that Palin was in trouble with the law resulted in the infamous Fourth of July threat of legal action by Thomas Van Flein, Palin’s attorney.

Andree McLeod – You’ll remember her as the ‘falafel lady’ in Palin’s fictitious memoir “Going Rogue.” Her watchdogging is surpassed by no one, and her current legal suit regarding Palin administration officials’ use of personal Yahoo accounts to conduct state business “off the radar” has been back in the spotlight lately. As a matter of fact, McLeod was in court on that very matter while the book signing was happening. Guess the Palins weren’t keeping track of that.

Multiple ethics complaints, and coverage in Alaska blogs, and on the Huffington Post have made McLeod Palin’s arch-nemesis. It’s worth noting that McLeod is the only Republican on the list, and was a former ally of the ex-gov before learning what she’s really like.

He must love the Daily Dish.