Walking Back From The Beatings

The Dish's go-to Persian-speaking reader translates:

The voice: "It's Tuesday 6:10 PM Tehran time...These guys you see walking on the pavement are Basiji brothers [by "brothers" he is being sarcastic] ... some still carrying their batons ...they all look tired after a full day of beating the students ... [he becomes sarcastic, poking fun at the officials who calls the militia "students"] ...oh and surrrre they are all "students" at Tehran University ... except they don't go to the dorms like other students ... they come here ... at the old American embassy ... but these "students"!!! are going inside this place to find out how much they're getting paid for beating people ... well of course they count how many students they beat up so they could be paid accordingly ... this is the shameful and blatant evidence of how the people who came Tehran University campus today are not students and this where they actually end up at night."