Unambiguously Pro-Torture, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

After watching that video, I actually feel sorry for Mr. Schock.  He is clearly so over his head in that segment.  This again goes to show a major problem with our politicians is that they are so painfully unself-aware.  At some point, someone close to him needs to pull him aside and say "keep your head down, learn the issues before you go on television and start spewing things that can't be unsaid."   The fact that he hasn't even toured the prison in his own district is pathetic.

Another writes:

At least he has the guts to admit what he's defending and advocating. And is not trying to deceive the American people into supporting something abhorrent. He's proposing it flat out, and woe doubly be unto us if we follow his proposals: we won't be able to hide behind our feigned ignorance of what torture is.