Tom Coburn: Withdraw The Uganda Law, Ctd

A reader writes:

You wrote, "If the American religious right can turn back this almost genocidal law against gays in Uganda, then perhaps it could be the start of a more civil - and Christian - dialogue between them and the gay community in America."

Really? This is the flicker of "Know Hope" moment for the gay community - when Tom Coburn denounces a Uganda proposal to murder other human beings because they have sex with members of the same sex?!  Before we miss the point by parsing out the language of the proposed bill (age qualification, aggravation, etc.) or relying on purported nuances and intimations beneath Colburn's plain words, let me just say: Gimme a break.  It's not a first step towards a dialogue with the religious right, but a whoopdy-do statement of the obvious that even the most vile political bigot with a number of open-minded constituents has to concede.  Going out on a limb, Coburn!