The Weekly Wrap

Today on the Dish, things continued to look grim for Labour, Andrew diagnosed the deep disconnect with their base, Cameron tried to seal the deal with a social contract, Tories took a stand on Afghanistan, Johann Hari compared Cameron to Bush, the Guardian endorsed Clegg, a reader took Andrew to task for his partisanship, Nate Silver sketched out the Lib-Dem dilemma, and Clegg had a bit of a laugh. Comprehensive election round-up here.

In immigration coverage, Andrew touted the gay provision in Reid's proposal, Butters cautioned against swift border security, a congressman got ugly, Frum defended Arizona's law, Fallows compared it to France, Chapman looked into its enforcement, McArdle and Welch sounded off, others bashed the idea of a border wall, and Schaller followed up on demographics.

Oil spill coverage here and here. Get your Palin fix here and here. Andrew hailed progress on the auto industry while Megan begged to differ. MSM bashing here and here. In other assorted coverage, Max Fisher surveyed the reaction to letting women serve on subs, Barlett said the VAT is ten years away, Louise Levathes looked at some cool new technology, Jonah Weiner praised South Park, A.C. Grayling and a reader philosophized on brains, and another pointed to a history of sensory deprivation.

Caption fun here, Gaga in the military here, and our daily profanity here.


Thursday on the Dish, Andrew live-blogged the last election debate. Both he and the viewers gave it to Cameron. Reax here. We also rounded up the fallout over Bigot-gate, Cameron sniped Brown, a reader took a shot at Gillian Duffy, another dissented over Andrew's take on US vs British immigration, the Economist editorialized against Lib-Dem, and Andrew took a long look to the post-election environment. More Scottish profanity here and here.

In immigration coverage, Cowen combed through the Democrats' new reform plan, Bill Clinton made the case that immigrants will cut the deficit, Duncan Hunter got pwned for wanting to deport American kids, Shikha Dalmia called out right-wing hypocrisy over capitalism, and readers responded to the immigration debate at length. Another agreed with Andrew about the Tea Party's cultural crux, William Frey illustrated its demographic loss to young immigrants, and Andrew mulled over that struggle. Friedersdorf put forth his immigration plan, Leviticus came to the illegals' defense, and Limbaugh pulled a Hewitt. You should vote for this kid if you can.

"Will she or won't she run?" continued here, here, and here. Meanwhile, reporters continued to chicken out.

In other coverage, Ackerman relayed news that a Gitmo torturer may testify, the defendant neglected to show, Larison and Reihan assessed the Crist apostasy, Hank Cardello put forth a plan to cut America's fat, and Edward Tenner delved into the dead chimp studies. Our South Park bleg didn't get any major revelations, computer geeks gushed about their first loves, the Dish stalked Goldblog in the woods, and anti-fart blankets tried to save your marriage. This window and this MHB were particularly lovely.


Monkton, Vermont, 9.30 am

Wednesday on the Dish we homed in on Gordon Brown's historic gaffe. Video here. The media jumped into action, Labour officials spun, the old widow reacted in shock, Alastair Campbell sounded off, his fictional doppelganger raged, Andrew Rawnsley saw a long pattern in Brown's behavior, and the polls continued to look bad for his party. A big round-up of commentary here.

In immigration coverage, the Mexican ambassador warned his citizens to avoid Arizona, Sarah Palin spread a pernicious lie about the law, a congressional candidate called for implanting chips, Byron York didn't see the problem with ID checks, Reynolds pandered and waffled, Andrew called out the hypocrisy of the tea-partiers, and Kos foresaw a huge backlash against the GOP among Hispanics in the state. And we rounded up commentary on the right.

As the stability of Iraq continued to slip, Bernstein worried about the media coverage and Musings On Iraq examined the country's crime problem. Daniel Altman checked in on Haiti and Ezra Klein did so on HCR. Financial reform coverage here and here. In assorted coverage, Scott Morgan suggested revisions to DC's pot law, Dreher talked epistemology, and Bartlett took stock of conservative dissenters.

Fly old guy here, crazy ballin' here, naked-ish models here, preview of summer blockbusters here, and creepy ad here.


Tuesday on the Dish we rounded up commentary on the British election, Cameron reclaimed the online mantle from Clegg, and Massie and Silver nerded out to proportional representation. Economic indicators here and its political spin here. Media antics here, Twitter gaffe here, and a dose of pop culture here.

In Palin watch, DiA countered Josh Green over her presidential chances, Josh pushed back, and the Dish tallied yet another odd lie (though the perjury rumor was likely false). In immigration coverage, James Doty called the law unconstitutional, Kevin Johnson came up with a simpler solution, and an Arizonan posed an even simpler solution. Readers dissented over Andrew's take on racism, Tim Wise backed his view, and a tea-partier flipped his shit.

In random commentary, Yglesias worried about the pace of financial reform, Gideon Rachman drew comparisons between the Northern Irish and Israeli peace processes, Steven Berlin Johnson spelled out the power of Twitter, TNC begged to differ with Henry Louis Gates over racial blame, John Gray targeted atheism, Drum didn't, and Andrew tackled the "right-wing media-industrial complex." State of conservatism round-up here.

Adoption discussion here, creepy ad here, and mesmerizing art exhibit here. A reader passed along the Muhammed episode from Chinese YouTube and another shared an emotional story of letting her dog go.


Forward Operating Base Todd, Murghab District, Badghis Province, Afghanistan, 12 pm

Monday on the Dish, Andrew assessed the sustained surge of Nick Clegg, polling continued to look precarious for Labour, Cameron played up civil liberties, the gay vote swung to the Lib-Dems, Massie considered a Lib-Tory deal, Martin Ivens impressed Andrew with his analysis, and a reader explored the need for electoral reform. Round-up of commentary here.

Andrew took a long look at a profile of Palin and her newfound fortune. Reader response here and here. Andrew also checked in on the difficult situation in Iraq. On the immigration front in Arizona, Fallows contrasted the situation with China's and we put together a comprehensive look.

In other commentary, Reihan was pessimistic on the economy, Chait tried to understand the GOP on financial reform, Drum did the same, Farhad Manjoo sized up Facebook's plan for WWW domination, and Dan Ariely explored the roots of hypocrisy. Frum interjected in the Manzi-Levin spat, Manzi shot back at McCarthy, and Ambinder picked apart Gingrich.

Andrew mused about the spiritual component of playing and shared some footage of his beagles and husband at play. The Simpsons stood with South Park, Thoreau struggled with his caffeine addiction, and R.L.G. at Democracy In America did the same with polling on Israel. Yglesias award here and cool ad here.

-- C.B.