The Weekend Wrap

The Dish primarily focused on Palin fallout.  Andrew catalogued an odd lie based on her "birther" interview, NRO neglected to call out her comments, Barney Frank was confounded by her words at the Gridiron dinner, Slate held a contest mimicking her writing style, Ilya Somin tried to compare her to Eisenhower, Palin supporter John Mark Reynolds slammed Harper Collins for its condescending treatment of the truth, a commenter analyzed her supporters' worship, a Dish reader chimed in, and Andrew reiterated the real reason he goes after Palin. He also linked to a sound dissent.

In other coverage, Matt Bai examined the blurred line between politicians and talking heads, Johann Hari put a spotlight on the dark side of Dubai, Nicholas Ciarelli showed how Wikipedia isn't that open after all, Matt Sigl summed up a decade of marriage equality, Gwendolyn Bounds profiled urbanites escaping to the countryside, and Julian Sanchez contemplated the self.  We also rounded up some troubling rhetoric here, here, and here. Complete coverage of the Tiger Woods scandal here and some great footage of breakdancing Iranians here.

In his column this week, Andrew discussed the increased isolationism of the US after a decade of decline.

-- C.B.