The Weekend Wrap

This weekend on the Dish we tracked fallout over the Senate Democrats' deal on healthcare reform. Major reax here. More reactions from Greg Sargent, David Kurtz, Austin Frakt, Timothy Noah, and Dish readers. We were also on top of news of Montazeri's sudden death and the outpouring of sentiment.

Friedersdorf reexamined the "politics of ressentiment" at length and Patrick responded again to under-blogger imbroglio.  Sprung took a long look at the cult of personality surrounding politicians. scrutinized Obama's rhetoric on Copenhagen, highlighted a Bloggingheads on Af-Pak, dug up a damning quote from Bush, presented a Christmas poem, and commented on the healthcare bill here, here, and here. His farewell here. Sully returned from his blog break to critique Palin's Copenhagen twittering and meditate over the meaning of the Dish.

In other contemplations, Jonah Lehrer turned his focus on free will, readers ran with determinism, Will Wilkinson took on moral realism, Carl Zimmer touched on consciousness, and Jonathan Safran Foer discussed the morality and mortality of eating animals.

We listened to more depressing Christmas songs from Aimee Mann, Nina Simone, Jonathan Coulton, Laura Nyro, Kyle Broflovski, John Prine, Prince, and John Eddie. More touching words on "The View From Your Window" here.

-- C.B.