The Uniqueness Of Humans

by Patrick Appel

A reader writes:

I know this is a long video, but it seems to touch on many of the ideas you have been swirling around on this blog this past year.  For me, the Daily Dish (whether I agree with the sides it takes or not) has been all about defining humanity and putting it under the lens.  From the mental health breaks to the view from your window to the long actual ongoing discussions, it is all about looking at the world through the shoes of others and embracing mankind. The lecture is beautifully written and delivered by the renowned primatologist and neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky, enjoy.

The speech starts exactly at the 5:00 mark and is well worth watching. I know that I deserve a Poseur Alert nomination for saying this, but the way this reader describes the Dish corresponds well with what I think of as the overarching goal of the blog.