The Press and Palin And Trig

A journalist reader writes:

I take slight exception to this passage:

“They are simply basic questions anyone would ask of a person who had recounted such an amazing tale. And yet not a single journalist has done so.”

I repeatedly asked the McCain/Palin campaign last year to address questions about her strange delivery story, and I’m sure a number of other journalists did as well. The campaign simply refused.

Now, it’s true that no one who has interviewed Palin in person has asked direct questions about the Texas/Alaska labor experience. But that says more about who Palin picks for interviews than it does about journalists generally.

That was what I was referring to: direct on-the-record televised or reported questions about the story. No one did. Not even Oprah when the whole bizarre story - riveting for any mother - is in Palin's book. But look at this again: a journalist asked a valid question, as I did repeatedly, and

The campaign simply refused.

This is a democracy?