The Pivotal Presidency, Ctd

A reader writes:

This sentence stood out to me especially:
"What Obama is doing is trying to cement this new liberal era in the conservative institutional structure of American government.'

The key words here in that sentence for me is "conservative institutional structure."  This essential nature of American government is something that I don't believe that the whiny, purist left understand, or don't want to understand or accept. 

This is one of the main reasons I stopped calling myself a liberal and started calling myself a liberaltarian (that and because the demonization of the free market from the increasingly nutty far-lefties turned me off). 
When Obama became president I welcomed a resurgence of the reality-based community.  Too bad the leftie whiners haven't decided to join the reality-based community with this fact: American govenrment is conservative in it's structure. 

I am so tired of hearing the whining from the left about this basic fact of American life, because in my mind, you can work with that reality to the best of one's ability to more or less achieve liberal goals like Obama, or spin in anger and talk like joining the Tea Baggers is a good idea (again, Jane Hamsher and her histrionics). 

Enough already.