The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XCVII: The Motor Home Drive From Alaska To Los Angeles

She mentions it again - that motor home she got in and drove all the way down from Alaska to Los Angeles to see Bristol perform on Dancing With The Stars. Except now, it's Todd who did it - not her. Check out the video here. Money quote:

He drove our motor home all the way back from Alaska ... he came down he could see Bristol on "Dancing With The Stars." ... That's what Todd did, he did load up the motor home.

Here's the first version:

"I tell Bristol, I am texting her and say 'Bristol'...and I wasn't kidding, I thought that this was a practical thing to do ... 'How about if Todd and I we load up all the kids in our motorhome and drive down, park on Rodeo Drive and we come to see you.' And I honestly didn't think that it was an unusual thing to suggest, that's what you do, a road trip. (...) But anyway, that's what we did, though, we parked a little bit further away from Rodeo Drive, and we got to watch Bristol."

She just made that first thing up.