The Loony With His Pants On Fire

I like this kind of attitude toward trust-fundies with powder shoved down their privates and syringes that don't work:

In fact, there is a growing tinge of mockery of this terrorist for toasting his testicles. This dude who can’t light a fuse is gonna raise the terror threat level to orange? Please. It strikes me as practically British – laughing at the Nazis all the way to the rubble pile in the East End. We’re laughing at Al Qaeda, for the first time, in unison, as a country. Think about that.

Make no mistake – in the Muslim world to which Al Qaeda attempts to speak, this episode is a total humiliation, seen as such, and will hurt Al Qaeda. I can’t think of a more effective way to scupper Al Qaeda recruitment than to turn one of their attacks into a worldwide joke. Yes it will enrage them. Yes, they will try harder to hit us again. But now, we have leadership that can crush them, by turning Al Qaeda’s weaknesses into our strength.

We should remain vigilant; but we should also remain contemptuous. Allowing these rich, theo-fascist losers to wield any fear over us is beneath us.