The Intimacy Of Gaming

by Chris Bodenner

Sebastian at Obsidian Wings shares a poignant story about a guy he played World of Warcraft with:

Last month a little before Thanksgiving, I heard while we were playing that he was coughing Wow rather loudly.  I jokingly said he should consider taking up smoking if he was going to cough so much, and he admitted that he had pneumonia.  He was on antibiotics for it and the doctors said it was a fairly bad case, though not awful.  After the raid was over I wished him well and told him "no more coughing" in my best big brother voice.  I logged in the next day and his friend from college told me that he had died, presumably of a pneumonia related pulmonary embolism.  At first I thought that the friend was playing a joke in very poor taste.  Then, what an obnoxious irony to have my last words to him be "stop coughing".  He never listened to me before.

So after an initial shock, I then found myself crying over a person I had never met.  I didn't even know what he looked like until I saw his obituary!

Ta-Nehisi offers his own thoughts and anecdotes from his online social world.