The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we focused on the president's big speech at West Point. Andrew live-blogged the address and recorded his early thoughts here and here. We also rounded up a blogger reax and noted the Dem response. Reader reactions here, here, and here.

In pre-speech discussion, we revisited the president's strategic outlook, Goldblog recalled candidate Obama's assertiveness on Afghanistan, Jean MacKenzie reminded us of Karzai's hold on the US, Steve Coll downplayed the importance of a central government, Steinglass weighed the costs of occupation, and Ackerman called out the WSJ for skewed reporting. Andrew tore into Cheney's trash-talking of the president and knocked Politico for delivering it unchecked. Ambinder also scrutinized the paper, and Fallows praised Bush for what Cheney isn't - "honorable."

In other coverage, Andrew reiterated his conservative take on conservation, Dreher uncomfortably supported gay adoption, TNC sympathized with Huckabee, and a soldier dissented with Andrew over the surge. Sully also recognized World AIDS Day and took a long look at the defection of one of the most prominent bloggers on the right.  A reader responded to the latter.  And more reaction to the minarets here and here.

Finally, this window is particularly fantastic.

-- C.B.