The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we continued to collect commentary on Obama's speech. Andrew delivered another lengthy assessment, Greenwald gave measured praise, Fred Kaplan focused on the timeline, Steve Coll worried about the timeline, Marc Lynch examined the role of fellow skeptics, Crowley read Obama officials, Yglesias worried about financing, and readers responded here, here, and here. We rounded up some thoughtful conservative critics here and noted some toxic commentary here, here, and here. Palin facebooked her response between paid photo shoots with supporters. Meanwhile, we caught news that the proposed timeline could have had a big effect on Afghans already.

In GOP death watch, James Joyner kept hope alive, Frum seemed overly optimistic, a reader dialed him back, and so did Andrew. Sully also elucidated the philosophical core of Oakeshott's conservatism and applied it to the president.

On a disappointing day for marriage equality, a prominent cardinal nudged the Church toward the Dark Ages, Douthat isolated Irish Catholics within the rape controversy, and a reader vented over the Church's involvement in public policy. To cleanse the palate, we watched some soft-core, animated elf-on-elf action.

-- C.B.