The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we continued to bring together perspectives on the Afghan escalation. Joe Klein investigated the speed of the surge, Packer and Frum looked at the style of the speech, Balko bemoaned the success of bin Laden, Jake Tapper delved into the psyche of Gates, McArdle mulled over the war tax, a reader joined her, another reader praised Obama's lack of fear, and another interpreted his core intent. Also, we received an impassioned email from Kandahar.

In the ongoing Climategate saga, Popular Mechanics caught us up, we took a look at the coding used for the data, and Andrew bolstered a leading scientist's call for a carbon tax. In the fallout of the New York vote, David Link looked at the dearth of debate from the winning side, a courageous senator articulated the case for equality, another backed her up, and Andrew and Hot Air gazed at the terrain ahead. Next up: New Jersey.

In other assorted coverage, we spotlighted a gay Ugandan blogger, Netanyahu reassured the settlers of coming expansion, another Palin story seemed on shaky ground, tea-partiers set off another hathos alert, and James Lipton offered his creepiness to a phone company.

In home news, the first batch of Window View books shipped out today. However, you can still buy one in time for Christmas at the limited price of $16.25. Speaking of windows, we posted another particularly great one today. And speaking of successful print ventures, the Atlantic is on a roll.

-- C.B.