The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we mostly monitored the latest protests in Iran. Tehran Bureau provided some history, the Newest Deal framed the day, Josh Shahryar showed the media constraints,

In other coverage, Seton Hall researchers reconstructed a disturbing scandal at Gitmo, Scott Horton backed them up, Greenwald was aghast, and we provided some links. Kevin Drum discussed the politics of carbon taxing, Ambinder did the same with Copenhagen, James Hansen butted heads with Krugman over cap and trade, Larison looked at the anti-war right, and neoconservatives tried to derail Hannah Rosenthal.

In Palinpalooza, we took the pulse of her fans in Iowa, a reader pushed back, two others talked about her use of Trig on the trail, another proposed that her editor is hanging her out to dry, another rounded up her troubling record on ethics, Hitch tackled her scary style of populism, and Palin demonstrated a bit of it herself. Also, Sully chilled with Tank and Levi today.

In home news, readers received our window books to great review and the Atlantic blazed a trail with e-fiction.

-- C.B.