The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we covered some residual protests out of Iran and watched a unsettling clip of Basji brutality. Maddow tackled gay conversion and Uganda, Noah Pollak shared Andrew's view of the US-Israeli fissure, Yglesias talked about outspending the Taliban, and DiA and a Dish reader shared their thoughts on the suicide bomber interview.

On the domestic front, Ambinder fisked Palin on climate-gate, a reader corrected her view of history, Jon Stewart called out the condescension of "Fox and Friends," Ezra was optimistic about Medicare expansion, Chait added his thoughts, Radley Balko discussed the Huckabee scandal, Ross followed up Rosin on divorce rates, and Greenwald targeted some Dish readers. Steven Teles talked cap and trade while Free Exchange and a reader considered carbon tariffs. This viral video was most amusing.

In home news, we're proud to announce that all 3,000 books printed for the holiday launch have been sold. A big thanks to all the Dish readers who helped make it happen. You can still purchase "The View From Your Window" at the regular Blurb price here.

-- C.B.