The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we had a small reax of the president's Nobel speech.  Social conservatives Rick Warren and Tom Coburn came out against the Uganda bill, and Andrew wondered when the pope would do the same.  A reader thought they took too long.  Another social conservative helped gay rights by moving marriage equality along in New Jersey.  Meanwhile, Iranians dressed in drag out of solidarity for a leading dissident, and a reader flagged another inspiring video of dissent.

In other coverage, Sam Roggeveen called for bribing the North Koreans, Chait knocked the new plan for fixing the budget, Editor and Publisher bit the dust, Alberto Gonzales reinserted his foot in mouth, Friedersdorf chided Continetti over Palin coverage, Frum fumed over Republican strategy, Weigel sighed over the same, Boaz called out Santorum's anti-liberty M.O., Clive Davis discussed Churchill, and Andrew took a shot at HRC.

Reader discussion of climate change continued here, here, here, here, here, and here. Our thread on the Greatest Generation continued here and here. Today's MHB and VFYW were particularly great.

-- C.B.